Research papers presented
Jane Whittle, ‘Home and work in England, 1500-1700’, Home and Work Roundtable, Royal Holloway University of London, 9 October 2019
Jane Whittle, ‘Rethinking women’s work in Europe’s preindustrial economy’, University of Edinburgh 23 October 2019
Jane Whittle, ‘Women’s work in early modern England: approaches and issues’, University of Oxford, Early Modern England Seminar, 23 January 2020
*Project Workshop on Labour Laws in Preindustrial Europe* Exeter 22 May 2020 took place in a virtual world due to Covid-19
Jane Whittle, ‘Women’s work in early modern England’ Roundtable on the History of Women’s Work in Britain, German Historical Institute, London 9 June 2020: took place as a Podcast 8 July 2020
Jane Whittle, ‘How free was women’s labour in England 1500-1700?’ University of Vienna, 16 June 2020: took place online
Jane Whittle, How free was wage labour in England 1500-1700 – Budapest Conference paper‘ WORCK Virtual Conference: Reconceptualising Wage Labour 16-19 September 2020
Jane Whittle, ‘Forms of Labour’, Sheffield University History Department – Sheffield Centre for Early Modern Studies, online 18 February 2021
Jane Whittle, Social History Society Conference Plenary Discussion, Roundtable on women’s work, 5 July 2021
James Fisher, ‘”The Arts of Honest Industry”: Pauper Apprenticeship and Training for the Labouring Poor in Early Modern England’ (panel session In other people’s households:
children and youth as rural servants and live in apprentices in the past) -ELHN-WORCK Conference 2021, 31st August – 1st September, 2021 Vienna, Austria
Jane Whittle, Keynote Lecture at Women’s History Network Conference 3-4 September 2020: Rescheduled for 3-4 September 2021

Events and research papers forthcoming

Project members are presenting six papers at the European Rural History Conference (EURHO) in Uppsala, Sweden, 23-26 August 2021, Rescheduled for 20-23 June, 2022.
Mark Hailwood, ‘Women’s work in rural England 1550-1700: the north and south-west compared’
Jane Whittle, Maria Ågren, Karin Hassan Jansson, Mark Hailwood, ‘Women’s agricultural work in Sweden (1720-1880) and England (1550-1700) compared’
Jane Whittle, ‘When were women and men paid the same for agricultural work? Gender and wage labour in English household accounts c.1500-1660’
Taylor Aucoin, ‘Gendered Dimensions to the Seasonality of Rural Work in Early Modern England’
James Fisher, ‘Forms of Servitude: Indentures for Poor Child Apprentices in England 1598-1700’

Jane Whittle and Mark Hailwood, paper in session on Measuring Women’s Work: Strategies and Challenges, World Economic History Conference, Paris 2021: Rescheduled for July 2022

How the Black Death reshaped Medieval England April 2020
Women’s work in early modern England July 2020